JaFfA – Saint David

At the beginning of March, the young people who came to JaFfA learned about Saint David.

Things that we learned:

  1. Saint David was a monk.
  2. He is the patron saint of Wales.
  3. His symbols are leeks and daffodils.
  4. His flag is a gold cross on a black background.
  5. Cup cakes decorated with icing daffodils are quite tasty.

JaFfA 2013-03 2310 JaFfA 2013-03 2328JaFfA 2013-03 2316
JaFfA 2013-03 2321 JaFfA 2013-03 2323 JaFfA 2013-03 2326 JaFfA 2013-03 2330


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