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Readings for November 2015

Scripture assigned for the major services (Sunday, Wednesday) during November 2015. 1 November – All SaintsIsaiah 25.6–9; Psalm 24.1–6; Revelation 21.1–6a; John 11.32–44 1 November (evening) – All Souls Wisdom 3.1-9; Psalm 23; 1 Peter 1.3-9; John 6.37-40  4 November Romans 13.8–10; Psalm 112; Luke 14.25–338 November (9:00) Jonah 3,1-5,10; Psalm 62.5-12; Hebrews 9.24-28; Mark 1.14-208 November (11:00) – Remembrance Isaiah […]

Theme for the Week – 25 October 2015

Scripture for the week: Job 42:1-6, 10-17 (the conclusion of Job’s story); Psalm 34:1-8; Hebrews 7:23-28; Mark 10:46-52 (the healing of Bartimaeus, a blind beggar) Perhaps it might seem important only to biblical “anoraks,” or pedants, but the healing of blind Bartimaeus is in the wrong place in the gospel of Mark – who otherwise has […]

Theme for the Week – Luke, evangelist – 18 October 2015

Scripture for this Sunday: Isaiah 35:3-6; Psalm 147:1-7; 2 Timothy 4:5-17; Luke 10:1-9. A red-letter day is when a festival overrides the normal provisions for Sunday worship, such as All Saints, or Christmas. Luke, the evangelist (amongst other characteristics) merits a red-letter day.  One and a half millennia later, he would have been called a […]

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell was executed on 12 October 1915.  The anniversary of her death is commemorated on this day by the Church of England.  This year marks the centenary of her death.  Edith Cavell, the daughter of a priest, trained as a nurse at the Royal London Hospital, and in 1907 became the director of a nursing […]

Theme for the Week – 11 October 2015

Scripture for this Sunday: Job 23:1-9, 16-17; Psalm 22:1-15; Hebrews 4:12-16; Mark 10:17-31   Sharing burdens with others lightens our own load. To unburden ourselves to one another demands trust – which has to be carefully built, and is easily destroyed. There is One whom we can trust implicitly, who will always respect confidence. All we […]

Tony Hatch in Sant Climent

The music of a generation Friday, 30 October 2015, 19:30 SOLD OUT Casino, Sant Climent Tickets by donation of 10€ (or more!) – all funds will go to support the ministry of the Anglican Church in Menorca, based at Santa Margarita in Es Castell. Tickets may be requested by completing the request form, below, or through […]

Franciscan Blessing

A Franciscan Blessing/Benediction on the (day after the) Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi – – – – – –  May God bless us with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, so that we may live deep within our hearts.  May God bless us with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, […]

Theme for the Week – 4 October 2015

Celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving  Readings for this Sunday: Joel 2:21-27; Psalm 126; 1 Timothy 6:6-10; Matthew 6:25-33  Jesus told his followers to “Consider the lilies of the field …”  Which is a good thing to do in terms of their life cycle. One aspect of lilies is that they only spend a part of their life […]

A Season Of Transition

  Reproduced from the October 2015 edition of Roqueta, Menorca’s English-language magazine.   October is a time of transition in Menorca. Businesses start to close. The number of tourists drops, apart from a last-minute flutter of half-term visitors from the UK. The “swallows” return, often to close their properties for the winter. As the autumn […]

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