Anglican Worship

Worship is the centre of parish life; a regular opportunity to be together in community before God.  The Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is the focus of worship, an opportunity for spiritual refreshment in a setting that recreates Christ’s last supper with his disciples.  As the writer Kathleen Norris suggested in her book, Amazing Grace, regular worship is like the chorus in a song or a hymn: a regular refrain that anchors the variety of verses in our weekly life.

The Anglican Church in Menorca primarily uses “Common Worship” of the Church of England as the basis for its worship.  On Wednesdays, the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) offers an opportunity to worship in the traditional language of Anglicanism dating back to the sixteenth century.  On Fridays, a more flexible form of worship is used to frame prayers for healing within the gospel of Christ.

Regular Worship

  • Holy Communion every Sunday at Santa Margarita in Es Castell at 09:00 & 11:00.
  • Holy Communion (BCP) every Wednesday at Santa Margarita at 11:00.
  • Morning prayer with a focus on healing every Friday at Santa Margarita at 11:00 and on Zoom.
  • Holy Communion at the outdoor chapel in Cala’n Bosc on the last Sunday of summer months at 17:00.


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