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Theme for Advent 4, 22 December 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Isaiah 7.10–16; Psalm 80.1–8; Romans 1.1–7; Matthew 1.18–25 There’s a lot of dreaming in the Bible.  Two men called Joseph have dreams that affect the future of their people.  One saves his people (and others) from famine; one nurtures a pregnant young woman and her child who saves all people from a spiritual […]

Christmas Raffle Results 2019

The draw for the annual Christmas raffle took place on Sunday evening, 15 December. The winners were as follows: Grand prize (trip to the UK) – Suzanne Hodges Flight around the island – Phil Bryan Bicycle – Jill Tracey Hamper donated by Can Dulce, Sant Climent – Mo Newman Murphy Richards mini cooker – John […]

Theme for Advent 3, 15 December 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Isaiah 35.1–10; Psalm 146.4-9; James 5.7–10; Matthew 11.2–11 Our Advent journey took in a special point of interest this week as we celebrated a diamond wedding anniversary.  It’s appropriate, really, because the third Sunday of Advent is about joy, and the anniversary is a joyful occasion.   A long-term marriage requires a certain degree […]

Divinity & Earthiness

The following article was first published in Roqueta, Menorca’s English language magazine – Winter 2019 issue. There are times when life seems rather like a house of cards.  One surprising medical result, or one shadow on an X-ray, or one misstep, or one banker’s error, or one poor decision, can bring down our sense of […]

Theme for Advent 2, 8 December 2019

Scripture for Advent 2: Isaiah 11.1–10; Psalm 72.1–7; Romans 15.4–13; Matthew 3.1–12 ‘Give peace a chance,’ sang John Lennon.  What is peace?   The Hebrew word which comes into English as ‘peace’ is Shalom, but this has a much broader meaning than the absence of conflict – whether between two nations, two families or two people.  It has a […]

Theme for Advent 1, 1 December 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Isaiah 2.1–5; Psalm 122; Romans 13.11–14; Matthew 24.36–44 The season of Advent is a season of preparation,  and a time to look at the ways in which gathering in has taken place through the history of our faith, beginning with the people of Israel – and then moving on to be […]

Advent Book – Freedom Is Coming

Tuesdays at 16:00 from Advent to Epiphany Comfort, O comfort my people. . . In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord.’ The second part of the book of Isaiah rings with proclamations and prophecies that find their fulfilment in the Gospels and are still being fulfilled by followers of Jesus today. In Freedom […]

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