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Theme for the Week – 26 July 2015

Scripture for this Sunday: 2 Samuel 11.1-15 (the story of David and Bathsheba); Psalm 14; Ephesians 3.14-21; John 6.1-21 (the feeding of five thousand).  It might be a bit risky to take as a subject or an example something few of us can have read in depth, but the development of the character Atticus Finch […]

Saint James, Apostle – Santiago

The collect for this day: Merciful God, whose holy apostle Saint James, leaving his father and all that he had, was obedient to the calling of your Son Jesus Christ and followed him even to death: help us, forsaking the false attractions of the world, to be ready at all times to answer your call […]

Good Relations – Santa Margarita

The following article was published in the daily newspaper of Menorca on Thursday, 23 July.  Focusing on the celebration of Santa Margarita, it describes the warm relations between the clergy and congregations of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Menorca.  The article is in Catalan.

Newsletter – Summer 2015

Please click on the link below to download the latest edition of the Anglican Menorca newsletter.  The size of the PDF file is 2.3 MB, which may take a while to download without a high-speed internet connection.  Please contact the church ( if you have difficulty. Link for the newsletter: Newsletter 2015-07  

Celebrating Santa Margarita

Once again this year, we celebrated our “patronal feast,” that is, the day of the saint after whom our church is named.  Saint Margaret of Antioch (Santa Margarita) is commemorated on 20 July. Within the tradition of the church, we sometimes move the observance of feast days, and to make it easier to accommodate those […]

Theme for the Week – 19 July 2015

Scripture for this Sunday: 2 Samuel 7.1-14a; Psalm 89.20-37; Ephesians 2.11-22; Mark 6.30-34,53-56 Missionaries who pursued the nomadic African Maasai people were confused about their apparent detachment from the buildings constructed as churches for them, because the Maasai tended to get up and go – they were nomads!  Eventually, in answer to a question, they […]

Theme for the Week – 12 July 2015

A tale of two dances …  Scripture for this Sunday: 2 Samuel 6.1-5, 12b-19; Psalm 24; Ephesians 1.3-14; Mark 6.14-29 In Mark’s gospel, the story of the demise of John the Baptist is cleverly woven into the fabric of the increasing recognition of the power and reputation of Jesus.  At one level, it reads like […]

The Gift Of Community

Reproduced and adapted from the June issue of Roqueta, Menorca’s English language magazine. At the end of May 2013, with our cat, I stepped off a Vueling flight from Barcelona into a new life. Two years in Menorca seem to have passed incredibly quickly. Kate and I settled here and felt at home very easily. […]

Diversity As A Gift

Reproduced and adapted from the July issue of Roqueta, Menorca’s English language magazine. The month of July brings the season of Fiestas in Menorca into full swing. Last month I wrote about living in community. One of the ways in which we as expatriates are drawn into the life of the community around us is […]

Theme for the Week – 5 July 2015

Scripture for the week: 2 Samuel 5.1-5, 9-10; Psalm 48; 2 Corinthians 12.2-10; Mark 6.1-13 Does familiarity breed contempt? It certainly doesn’t necessarily breed respect. When we say of someone, “I knew them when …,” it is all too easy for that to become the definition of them now. It is all very well to say […]

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