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Theme for the Week – 26 June 2016

Scripture for this Sunday: 1 Kings 19.15-16,19-21; Psalm 16; Galatians 5.1,13-25; Luke 9.51-62 Yogi Berra was a baseball coach in the USA who was famous for odd little sayings, such as, “It ain’t over until it’s over,” and, “It’s like déja vu all over again.”  He once said, “When you come to a fork in the […]

Theme for the Week – 19 June 2016

Scripture for this Sunday: 1 Kings 19.1-15a (Elijah and the still, small voice of God in sheer silence); Psalm 42; Galatians 3.23-29 (we are all one in Christ); Luke 8.26-39 (Jesus heals a demon-possessed man in Gentile territory, and the demons are sent into pigs who drown). It would take an awful lot of pigs to […]

Raffle Winners

In conjunction with the Santa Margarita Golf Tournament, there was a raffle with the primary prize being a round trip between Menorca and the UK, with three nights in a five star hotel, breakfast, a champagne dinner. The first prize was won by Margarita, from Bonnin Sanso, who generously donated the prize back to Santa […]

Theme for the Week – 12 June 2016

Scripture for the week: 1 Kings 21.1-21a (Jezebel arranges for her husband Ahab to acquire a vineyard by having the owner killed); Psalm 5.1-8; Galatians 2.15-21 (the Apostle Paul reflects on faith); Luke 7.36-8.3 (Jesus goes to dinner with Simon the Pharisee, has his feet anointed by an unknown woman, and compassionately forgives her). Simon the […]

Theme for the Week – 5 June 2016

Scripture for this Sunday: 1 Kings 17:8-24 (Elijah gives sustenance to a widow in Sidon, and then restores her son’s life); Psalm 146; Galatians 1:11-24; Luke 7:11-17 (Jesus restores life to the son of the widow of Nain) The question of refugees continues to challenge governments in Europe and beyond.  The Canadian government has so far […]

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