Theme for the Week – 3 August 2014

We fret about how much we have: God gives us more than enough.  This is the love and abundance of God.

We can discern a common theme of struggle in all today’s scriptures (Genesis 32:22–31; Psalm 17:1–7, 16; Romans 9:1–5; Matthew 14:13–21).

We see Jacob struggling to prepare himself for the encounter with his brother Esau, but to what extent is Jacob struggling with his own demons?

We find the psalmist struggling spiritually with his relationship to God.

We hear Paul struggling with the increasingly obvious fact that his own people are not open to receiving Jesus Christ as Lord.

We see Jesus struggling with his own need for solitude, then being forced to attend to human illness and hunger, for those who cannot see that they already have what is needed.

How often do we wrestle with God for a blessing that we have already received?

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