Theme for the Week – 27 July 2014

Scripture for the week:
Genesis 29.15–28
Psalm 105.1–11
Romans 8.26–39
Matthew 13.31–33, 44–52

The Apostle Paul’s words to the church in Rome have been a source of comfort for generations of Christians in trying circumstances: nothing can separate us from the love of God. This is how we are supposed to experience the Kingdom of God. Jesus tells parables to explain the value and explosive growth in faith of the kingdom to his followers; yet there’s a twist in the way it is described. Jesus uses imagery of things that are impure in the eyes of the Law of Moses, which would have challenged his hearers. Jesus seems to be telling his followers not to judge the purity of the kingdom’s composition; and in other parables, he describes the risk implicit in seeking the kingdom. “Take risks and don’t judge one another,” is good advice for the modern Christian community. The best part of the parable-telling is that Jesus asks his followers whether they have understood, and they answer, “Yes.” God’s laughter peals across the ages! Meanwhile, we all have a part to play in being yeast and mustard for a world with many in need of the comfort of God’s love.

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