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NEWSLETTER – January 2024

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Email Carole Brayford at Or talk to the Revd Paul

Carole writes :  We wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with good health, joy and many blessings!  


  • Solar Panels.  Plans were afoot to install these on environmental grounds on the roof of the church.   However it now transpires that the Catholic church are considering taking on this work.  The proposal is to install the panels on the roof of the rectory and the cables will pass along the streets to Santa Margarita.  It means we will have no electricity meter and there will be no electricity cost to us.  This should happen in January or February.
  • If you remember Moira and Freddie Martin you will be sorry to hear that Freddie passed away in December.  His funeral organised by his family was at the cemetery in Mahon.  Moira passed away some while ago.
  • December Christmas Lunch.  This was held on 21 December at Sala Polivalent in Es Castell.  A very enjoyable occasion and so good that so many from the fellowship were able to join.  Many thanks to Liz Astley and Kathy Rosseti for organising this in Carole’s absence.  


  • Wednesday 17 January – Blessing of the Animals in the Esplanade.  There is a procession from the Catholic church starting at 12 noon – see website for more details 
  • “Epiphany” Lunch.  This is planned for Wednesday 17 January (following the Blessing of the Animals) at 2pm at Opera Restaurant on the port in Mahon.    The cost to be confirmed but hopefully about 22€. Let Carole or Paul know if you can be there or sign up on the sheet on the notice board.
  • PCC meeting.  The next meeting is on Thursday 18 January at 12 noon.  Please hold the PCC members and all the discussions in your prayers.

Outreach to the Wider Community –

  • Christmas Food Parcels.  As in the past we contributed to Christmas food parcels(/vouchers for those in need in Es Castell. 
  • Food Bank. A donation of 1000€ was made to the local Food Bank to provide meal vouchers. 700€ of this having been raised from our weekly Coffee sales on Sunday mornings.  Thanks to Liz Astley and Kathy Rossetti for their faithful service in organising this each week. 
  • Peru – The PCC agreed to set aside 1000€ as part of our annual mission giving for 2023. The majority of this has been directed to support two Peruvian students in Lima who have been identified as in need.  Both are active in and supportive of their church communities.  Our contact in Peru has sent more information about them.
    • Melany – is the daughter of one of the women working in the handicraft project which has been running for 23 years.  She has been very active in the adolescent group of the church and is now a leader.  The family lives on the edge of Lima.  Her father died suddenly about 5 years ago.  Our support will enable her to complete her psychology degree. 
    • Joel – is aged 45 living on the edge of Lima and works closely with his pastor in the local church.  He has never completed his secondary schooling but any job he may apply for requires full secondary schooling.  Our support will enable him to complete his schooling.


  • The church website –   Do use the church website which should have up to date information about what is happening – although don’t stop reading this Newsletter !!
  • The weekly services of Holy Communion are recorded each week and can be easily accessed via a link.  If you are not on island or cannot be in church but would like to follow the service, contact Paul and he will add you to the weekly email that he sends out with details of the access link.
  • The PCC currently comprises – the Rev. Paul, the church wardens – Trevor Jones (also Archdeaconry Synod representative) and David Green, as well as Margaret Jones (Archdeaconry Synod representative and church and PCC secretary), Liz Astley, Colin Guanaria, Suzanne Hodges (treasurer) and Carole Brayford.  The next meeting is in January 2024.

If anyone is willing to host a future social event – coffee morning, afternoon tea, or simple tapas that would be much appreciated.  Please let Carole know.  


If you would like to support the ministry of Santa Margarita, the Anglican Church in Menorca, then you can do so by going to the website and clicking the Donate button

Your donation will be very gratefully received.

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