Intinction, Flu & Coronavirus

Intinction (dipping the wafer into the chalice) and Coronavirus
The latest virus which is causing concern among communities has once again raised the issue of intinction at communion. We have in the last few days news of a case in Spain, and suspected contact with the virus by someone returning to Mallorca. Following Synod last week, our Bishops issued an instruction which now reiterates that intinction should not be allowed. There is a much higher chance of germs spreading through the wine if people are allowed to intinct than from drinking from the common cup. You also introduce gluten into the wine, which in itself causes problems to people who have a gluten allergy. If you have any concerns about drinking from the common cup, it is still valid to receive in one kind only (bread). I hope you understand but if you have any queries please speak to Paul.

Click on the link to read the letter from the Bishops, or on the button to download it:

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