Theme for the Week – 21 September 2014

Scripture for the week:
Exodus 16:2-15; Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45; Philippians 1:21-30; Matthew 20:1-16

“It’s not fair!” These words ring out between and about siblings in most families. They also seem to apply to members of the Christian family, brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the manifestation of the age-old battle raging within us all: between selfishness, and compassion and caring.
It is a kind of economics, something with which Moses and his people had to deal: like them in the wilderness, we are to take enough, not acquire a surplus. This is God’s definition of fairness.
The parable of the vineyard workers is a contrast between being thankful to have received enough for life (physical and spiritual) and the desire to possess more, to accumulate, to hoard, for personal prestige and power. However, instead of personal accumulation, Jesus calls his followers to strive together, something that the Apostle Paul understood clearly: strive together.
Fortunately for us, God is not fair. God is merciful. Thanks be to God!

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