Theme for the Week – 10 August 2014

Scripture for the week:
Genesis 37.1–4, 12–28
Psalm 105.1–10
Romans 10.5–15
Matthew 14.22–33

How many people nowadays know the origin of what has become a vernacular expression of unexpected accomplishment? The original walking on water was not about personal prowess at all, but about complete faith and trust in God, and utter submission to God’s will; it tells us is that we are called to trust God to be with us on our journeys.
In the first part of a great story we see Joseph buried, sold, and banished. Early Christians saw this pattern as a reflection of the life of Christ. In both the gospel and the story of Joseph, a group of companions (brothers in one, disciples in another) find that they are being helped by someone (their brother Joseph in one, their brother or master Jesus in the other) when least expected.
These linked stories provide a powerful indication of how we find ourselves receiving grace when we least expect it. What seems a death will be a door to new possibilities; seeming failure will turn to shining success. God’s grace comes to us when our own resources have been exhausted

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