Theme for Easter Eve, 11 April 2020

Based upon Miriam’s story, a retelling of the Exodus from Egypt from the point of view of Moses’ sister.

Miriam’s story retells the Exodus story, and God’s saving power, from her point of view.

This is the Passover story – when God passed over the children of Israel while death was inflicted upon Egyptians, and the people escaped when water turned from a thing of danger to a thing of life.

There is a lot of death in that story, resulting from the stubbornness and hardened heart of the powerful. In some places in the world today there has been a lot of death and suffering because of the hardened hearts and minds of those who hold power.

There was, however, life for the people of Israel. God prevailed – God prevails – God will prevail.

There is death in the Passover of Christ: Christ’s death. But death, like the dangerous waters of the sea facing the Israelites, was parted, like the waters, to open a channel for life.

There is death around us now – death of people, death of a way of life.
I’ll speak about that tomorrow (Easter Sunday).

But as our Bishop, David Hamid, said to the clergy on Thursday:

“We will emerge after this crisis having discovered that the Spirit has enabled other ways for the life of the Church in its fullness to continue.”

[Sermon delivered during on-line worship with clergy, Maundy Thursday, 9 April 2020]

As for the church, so for the world. We will become a stronger praying Church and a stronger world when we have crossed the waters.

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