Prayer for Chaplaincy

Excerpt from prayers on the occasion of an anniversary in ministry:

Living and loving God, we uplift before you those who make this chaplaincy a place of welcome, worship, mission and sustainability; those who serve and have served as wardens, as members of the church council, those who serve in special capacities, such as synod delegates; those who enrich our worship through preparation, with music, and as assistants in various ways; those who prepare refreshments, those who organise social & fundraising activities; those who care for the fabric of our church; those who give their time and energy to serve the needy; and all the rich and diverse mosaic of the people of this community of faith.  May they all feel the warmth of your love channelled to them directly and through the affection of their chaplain.  We pray as fellow children of God, in the name of Christ whom we follow.  Amen.

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