JaFfA – September 2014

Fruits of thankfulness

Parents like to help

Lia's concoction

Icing is good

A challenging mouthful

Once upon a time, there was a farmer …

… led us to the telling of the Parable of the “Foolish Farmer” (Luke 12:13-12:21); then we acted out (and sang) the “Apple Song”, in its three versions: step one, one person keeps all five apples; step two, two friends share the apples; step three, by diving the apples, they can be shared with everyone.

After that it was time for some craft work. The plan was decorating cupcakes to look like apples, then decorating apples to look like monsters. The children had other ideas about this – cut out the “middle man” – and decorate the cupcakes as monsters. Very good they tasted too – some went home for sharing with parents and siblings.

Then it was time for Apples and Pears Prayers. Fruit templates were decorated, with thank you prayers written on them. These were made into a harvest wreath; others decorated our Cyprus/apple trees!

The next JaFfA is on Saturday, October 11th: God’s Messengers – Angels & Archangels.


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