JaFfA – October 2014

Arch angels croppedMessengers of God – Angels and Archangels

Remembering an earlier JaFfA, when Jonah tried to run away from God, we heard about the running away of Jacob from his family. This led on to talking about angels, then archangels: the naming of them, and learning about what part they have played in the Bible stories we are getting to know. Michael, the protector and defender; Gabriel, the messenger of good news; Raphael, the bringer of healing.


After all that hard “work”, it was time for craft: Jacob’s ladders to construct, and tote bags to decorate by hand painting! And, of course, the decorating of angel biscuits.

Angel Biscuits

Three members had birthdays the week before the meeting. We decided how to divide up a huge chocolate brownie cake, so that they could each decorate their own piece of cake, in their own distinctive style – naturally they shared the cake with us, then took the remaining pieces home to share with the rest of their families.

Angel Hands

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