Honorary Assistant Bishops in the Diocese in Europe

On Wednesday, 7 September 2016, we are asked to pray for the honorary assistant bishops and their pastoral ministry in the diocese.  So that we may know for whom we pray, here is the current list of those bishops.

More information is available from the diocesan web site: 

1. Bishops of Dioceses or Churches in Communion currently in Office

The Right Reverend Jorge de Pina Cabral (2012)

Bishop of the Lusitanian Church (Portuguese Episcopal Church)

The Right Reverend Pierre Whalon (2001)

Bishop in charge of the Convocation of American Churches in Europe

2. Retired Bishops available for liturgical celebrations and pastoral activities

The Right Reverend Michael Colclough (2013)

The Right Reverend John Flack (2003)

The Right Reverend Richard Garrard (2001)

The Right Reverend Edward Holland (2002)
Suffragan Bishop in Europe 1986-95

The Right Reverend Nicholas Reade (2013)

The Right Reverend David Smith (2002)

The Right Reverend David Stancliffe (2011)

The Right Reverend Michael Turnbull (2003)

The Right Reverend Dr Stephen Venner (2011)

3. Retired Bishops occasionally available for liturgical celebrations only

The Right Reverend Michael Manktelow (1994)

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