Ecumenical Worship

To conclude the week of prayer for Christian unity, more than 50 people from the Roman Catholic parish of Holy Rosary and other Roman Catholic parishes in Sant Lluis and Mahón, the Anglican Church in Menorca and the Spanish Evangelical Church in Mahón gathered in the church of Santa Margarita on Saturday, 25 January, to worship, pray and sing together.  The ecumenical service was attended by several Roman Catholic clergy, including priests from Mahón and Sant Lluis and the Bishop of Menorca.  Singing was hearty and inspiring, accompanied by Clare Henderson at the organ.  Refreshments afterwards, provided by Violet and Dick Bruce, and Liz Astley, helped to create an atmosphere of communion, even if not sacramental.  The worship was led by Father Alberto Vidal, rector of the church of la Madre de Dios del Rosario in the parish of Es Castell, and Rev. Paul Strudwick, Anglican Chaplain for Menorca.  The latter observed, “We have many things in common.  That which is the same is greater than that which is different.  We do not always see this.  But it is true.  When we come together, we live this truth.”

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