Christmas 2021 at Santa Margarita

Christmas worship

Despite the currently worsening situation with regard to COVID-19, we expect to be able to accommodate worshippers at three services this Christmas. Please bear in mind that since we are discouraged from singing actively in the church, we continue to use recorded hymns and carols, even for services that are not online.

24 December, Christmas Eve, 18:00 CET, in the church, a family-oriented service. We will retell the story of the birth of Jesus (and any children present will be invited to participate), sing Christmas carols, and offer Holy Communion to those who wish to receive it.

24 December, Christmas Eve, 23:00 CET, in the church, the traditional ‘midnight Mass’ service – or as close as we can manage during the pandemic.

25 December, Christmas Day, 11:00 CET and online, a service for Christmas with Holy Communion.

Since 26 December is a Sunday, there will be the regular Sunday service at 11:00 CET and online. However, it will not be the ‘Feast of Stephen,’ since that has been moved to Wednesday, 29 December this year.

The cost of maintaining the chaplaincy of Santa Margarita is completely self-financed locally, and during the closure of the church, there is no income from the weekly collection. If you would like to support the ministry of the Anglican Church in Menorca, please click on the button below to make a donation.

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