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Five Ways to Make a Difference

Last week, a link to this article, in Christian Today, was posted on the church Twitter feed.  Not everyone saw the article, so it is reproduced here, with thanks to its author, Martin Saunders. Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help Published 13 August 2014  |   Martin Saunders A few weeks ago, […]

Darkness of Despair Within the Soul

How do we pray for one who has taken their own life?  The church does not have a very kind record of dealing with suicide, classifying it as a sin, and burdening bereaved families with an extra layer of pain to go with the typical suffering of grief and the added layer of remorse.  Although as […]

Women’s World Day of Prayer

The Women’s World Day of Prayer occurs on the first Friday of March every year.  This year, the service was designed and prepared by the women of Egypt.  Since Egypt continues to figure in our news bulletins, there was a special feeling of solidarity with those who have contributed to this year’s Day of Prayer, […]

Prayer of Thomas Merton

During the workshop on prayer offered within Santa Margarita last autumn, one of the prayers mentioned was one from Thomas Merton that helps us to focus in humility before God.  The occasion of his birthday seems an appropriate time for a reminder of that prayer: God, we have no idea where we are going.  We […]

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