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George Herbert

On 27 February, the church remembers George Herbert, an English priest of the early seventeenth century — and a poet who taught his verse to “rise harmoniously” on the wings of prayer. Born in 1593, he became a young man of brilliant promise, high-minded and proud — especially in his religion. He was convinced that […]

The Courage Of Mercy

A Reflection by Brother Alois of Taizé – December 2015 Throughout the year 2015, at Taizé, we looked for ways to get involved in new solidarities; these are so urgent today. Across the earth, new forms of distress – migratory, ecological and social – are a challenge for believers of different religions and for non-believers […]

Prayer for Christian Unity

This prayer is offered for use during the week of prayer for Christian unity (18-25 January). God our Father, it is your purpose to bring your whole creation into full unity in Christ. We commit ourselves to you. Help us to live for others even as your love includes all: to seek out from others […]

World Human Rights Day

Every day should be a day to focus on improving human rights.  However, on this day we remember the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948. The season of Advent is meant to be a time of anticipation of opportunities to encounter Christ in our lives and in […]

Paris – Diocese of Europe Bishops Respond

Our Bishops have sent messages to those churches and other congregations in the Greater Paris area, assuring them of the support and prayers of the Diocese. Bishop Robert, who is in France on a pastoral visit to Nice, says: I am deeply shocked by the terrible tragedy which has befallen the city of Paris. I […]

Prayers for Peace

Offered for all the places of conflict & violence, but especially for the people affected by the violent attacks in Paris on Friday, 13th November. God of peace and love, lead us from death to life, from lies to truth; lead us from despair to hope, from fear to trust; lead us from hatred to love, from war […]

Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen, remembered by the church on 17 September, lived during the twelfth century, and was a “renaissance woman” four centuries before the renaissance.  She took vows and became a nun at the age of 15.  She wrote extensively, was a composer of music and choral works, and led the community of which she […]

Benedicite de Menorca

The Benedicite (also Benedicite, omnia opera Domini or A Song of Creation) is a canticle that is used in the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hours, and is also used in Anglican and Lutheran worship.  This version is adapted for the flora, fauna and inhabitants of Menorca.  O give thanks to our God who is good: whose love endures for ever. You sun […]

World Day of Prayer 2015

The Women’s World Day of Prayer was celebrated at Santa Margarita on Friday, 6 March, with an ecumenical gathering of women from Menorca (and three male observers!). The service for 2015 was arranged and organised by the women of the Bahamas. The words and themes drawn from the islands of the Bahamas were beautifully crafted […]

A Blessing

I have used this blessing from time to time, in various forms, adapted in different ways to suit the context.  This is the full version.  It is a blessing that uplifts and acknowledges God’s blessing upon our quest for understanding in faith.  It is not original; I found it more than ten years ago, although […]

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