Baptism at Punta Prima

On the feast of the Transfiguration, a time to celebrate the revelation of the glory of Christ to his followers, the gift of grace was celebrated in the baptism of Mila in the sea at Punta Prima.   There is something mystical about blessing the water of the sea, which itself blesses humanity, but especially this island of Menorca, as part of worship.  Mila’s family come from Belgium and Croatia, and are living and working in Menorca; baptism within the encompassing fold of the Anglican Church seems very fitting. We give thanks for Mila, and wish her well on her life-long journey of spiritual discovery, nurtured and guided by loving parents Iva and Jan, and her godmother, Marijeta.  
The problem is not to get the priest to take the baby, but to get him to give her back!   


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