Annual Meeting 2022: Highlights

The annual meeting of the Anglican Chaplaincy in Menorca was held on 24 April. Some highlights include:

  • Appointed and admitted Malcolm Ellis and Colin Guanaria as wardens.
  • Appointed and commissioned with prayer Suzanne Hodges, Hazel Martin, Liz Astley, Carole Brayford and David Green to serve as members of the chaplaincy council, alongside the wardens and Margaret and Trevor Jones, the synod representatives.
  • Gave thanks to David Green for his exemplary service as warden for 8 years.
  • Received the report of the Archdeaconry Synod representatives for 2022.
  • Received the report of the Chaplain, as chair of the chaplaincy council. (Available on line.)
  • Received the treasurer’s report, which showed the chaplaincy in a very healthy financial state, and recognised with thankfulness this gift of God.
  • Received the Environmental Officer’s report.
  • Received the Safeguarding Officer’s report, recognised the importance of this aspect of chaplaincy ministry, and affirmed the chaplaincy’s support for continued safeguarding training. (Also thanked Margaret for her diligent effort in this role.)
  • Subsequently, the chaplaincy council recognised the roles of Electoral Roll Officer (Margaret Guanaria), Treasurer (Suzanne Hodges), Secretary (Margaret Jones), Vice Chair (Trevor Jones) and Environmental Officer (Kate Strudwick).

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