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Easter on Punta Prima Beach

About 40 people gathered on the beach at Punta Prima in Menorca at sunrise on Easter Sunday to welcome the new light of the day and the new light of Easter. A brisk (and slightly chilly) wind did not deter the spirits of those gathered, who included members of the congregation of Santa Margarita together […]

Holy Thursday

William Blake wrote two poems for Holy Thursday.  They contrast innocence with experience. One is from Songs of Innocence: ‘Twas on a holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean, The children walking two and two in red and blue and green: Grey-headed beadles walked before, with wands as white as snow, Till into the high dome of […]

Holy Week

Holy Week is not in vogue in our culture today. For what it commemorates is awful. There’s betrayal: a man who sold his mentor to enemies, colluding with ruthless people against someone who had only ever shown him love. Or corruption: people willing to ignore justice and pay bribes, or seek out liars who can […]

Lent at Santa Margarita in Menorca

The Anglican congregation in Menorca, based at Santa Margarita, has been observing Lent in several ways. Friday, 4th April, was the occasion for a Lenten soup lunch, to which not only the Anglican congregation, but also the New Life Church and Menorquin Roman Catholics were invited.  A wonderfully spicy Thai vegetarian soup and Italian chicken […]

Approaching Easter

This article is reproduced from the April issue of Roqueta, Menorca’s English language magazine. Kate and I continue to make our way through our first year of life in Menorca, and the last few months have been full of discoveries. We have experienced the celebration of familiar things in new and different ways. We have […]

JaFfA – Saint David

At the beginning of March, the young people who came to JaFfA learned about Saint David. Things that we learned: Saint David was a monk. He is the patron saint of Wales. His symbols are leeks and daffodils. His flag is a gold cross on a black background. Cup cakes decorated with icing daffodils are […]

Archdeaconry Synod – John Bell On Music

The Rev. John Bell was the keynote speaker for the Gibraltar Archdeaconry synod which was held at the beginning of February. John is a well-known member of the Iona community, a writer, broadcaster, musician, and ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. He took as his theme, “Music in forwarding the Gospel,” and reviewed […]

Counting blessings in Lent

Counting Blessings: the Beatitudes are the sayings of Jesus that open the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s gospel.  Most commonly translated from the Greek word makarios, as “blessed,” other ways to express the meaning are “Happy,” or, as Tom Wright states in Matthew for Everyone, “Wonderful news.” During the season of Lent, there will be an […]

Honorary OBE for “The General”

On Tuesday, 11 March, the largest representation from the British Embassy ever to visit Menorca came to the Isla del Rey, including the Ambassador, The Consul General for Barcelona and Balearics, the head of politics and economy, the head of the embassy press department and the new Defence Attaché.  They were present for a ceremony at which […]

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