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Julian of Norwich

In Norwich … we treasure the memory of the first woman to write a book in English more than 600 years ago. We call her Julian after the church to which she was attached. Her book was about God’s overwhelming love. She lived at a time of war, the Black Death and the Peasants’ Revolt. […]

Diocesan Bishop

The following news release has been issued by the Diocese of Europe: The next Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe will be the Reverend Canon Dr Robert Innes, currently Senior Chaplain and Chancellor of the Pro- Cathedral of Holy Trinity Brussels. Pictures of the bishop designate and a video interview with him can be found, with […]

Saint George’s Chapel

There is an island in the middle to the harbour in Mahón, the Isla del Rey.  On this island, more than 300 years ago, a hospital was established by the Royal Navy – at almost the same time as the Royal Naval Hospital, in Greenwich – the first naval hospitals.  The hospital on the Isla […]

Rowan Williams on “Christian Nation”

This is an excerpt from an interview by Cole Morton with Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, in which the latter comments thoughtfully and carefully on the discussion about the question of whether Britain is a “Christian Nation.” Rowan Williams’ observations challenge current Christians to continue to engage with the world around, to keep the […]

Annual Report for 2013-2014

Overall, we should be fairly satisfied that the chaplaincy seems to be moving ahead in a positive and constructive manner. Looking through the register of services, it would appear that attendance at worship has actually picked up a little year-upon-year. The PCC meets regularly (8 meetings since the last APCM), and meetings are productive and […]

Brass Band Concert

Santa Margarita was graced by the presence and music of the Gwent Brass Band on Thursday, 24 April. The band, led by Lana Tingay, visits Menorca annually, raising funds for local charities.

Easter on Punta Prima Beach

About 40 people gathered on the beach at Punta Prima in Menorca at sunrise on Easter Sunday to welcome the new light of the day and the new light of Easter. A brisk (and slightly chilly) wind did not deter the spirits of those gathered, who included members of the congregation of Santa Margarita together […]

Holy Thursday

William Blake wrote two poems for Holy Thursday.  They contrast innocence with experience. One is from Songs of Innocence: ‘Twas on a holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean, The children walking two and two in red and blue and green: Grey-headed beadles walked before, with wands as white as snow, Till into the high dome of […]

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