A Blessing

Saint George 2014I have used this blessing from time to time, in various forms, adapted in different ways to suit the context.  This is the full version.  It is a blessing that uplifts and acknowledges God’s blessing upon our quest for understanding in faith.  It is not original; I found it more than ten years ago, although I do not remember where.

Paul +

Listen to God’s breath within: it is the stirring of belief.
Voice your words of doubt and question: they are the making of faith.
Touch those scars and heal those wounds: that is the place of resurrection.
Let the breath of God sustain you, this day and for ever.
And the blessing of God, our loving creator,
and of Jesus Christ, our companion and saviour,
and of the Holy Spirit, our strength and inspiration,
be with you and remain with you always.  Amen.

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