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Readings for July 2020

Readings for worship services on Wednesdays and Sundays during July. Passages marked with an asterisk* are not used for online worship. 1 JulyPsalm 77; Judges 9.22-57; Luke 16.1-17 5 JulyGenesis 24.34-38,42-49,58-67*; Psalm 45.10-17*; Romans 7.15-25a; Matthew 11.16-19,25-30 8 July(MP BCP) Psalm 115.3-10; Hosea 10.1-3,7-8,12; Matthew 10.1-7 12 JulyGenesis 25.19-34; Psalm 119.105-112*; Romans 8.1-11*; Matthew 13.1-9;18-23 […]

Theme for Sunday, 5 July 2020

Scripture for this week: Romans 7:15-25a; Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 My wife, who used to be a radio DJ in California, will tell you that it’s deadly to focus too much on something that’s not to be said on the radio. It lodges in the brain and bursts forth despite all attempts at suppression! It’s an […]

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