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Theme for Sunday, 17 November 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Malachi 4.1-2a; Psalm 98; 2 Thessalonians 3.6-13; Luke 21.5-19 It is thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Two months before, a series of protests had begun in the East German city of Leipzig – in a Lutheran church, and this triggered a series of events that culminated in the […]

Remembrance Sunday 2019

Two years ago the Canadian singer songwriter Lorena McKennitt wrote a song, The Breaking of the Sword. She was prompted to write the song, which imagines the feelings of loss and grief of a mother whose son had been lost in the Great War, after participating in the centenary commemorations of the Battle of Vimy […]

Theme for Sunday, 20 October

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 31.27–34; Psalm 119.97–104; 2 Timothy 3.14—4.5; Luke 18.1–8 Many people would contend that one of the primary goals of Christianity is to uphold and fulfil Jesus’ message of justice. But what exactly do we mean by justice? For many of us, justice means a sort of ‘quid pro quo,’ or […]

Theme for Sunday, 13 October

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 29.1, 4–7; Psalm 66.1–11; 2 Timothy 2.8–15; Luke 17.11–19 Let me tell you about a little piece of Venetian history, since we have just come back from a safeguarding training session in that city. We took the tour of the Doge’s palace, the Palazio Ducale, and our guide was clearly […]

Theme for Sunday, 29 September 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 32.1–3a, 6–15; Psalm 91.11–16; 1 Timothy 6.6–19; Luke 16.19–31 Someone asked me a while ago why I don’t preach about inspiring Christian figures. So … let’s think about Thomas Cook. The man, not the company that bears his name, which has been in the news. What about the man who […]

Theme for Sunday, 22 September 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 8.18—9.1; Psalm 79.1–9; 1 Timothy 2.1–7; Luke 16.1–13 So, let’s consider the parable offered by Jesus about the dishonest manager (or was he ‘shrewd?’!) and ask whether it doesn’t matter if we are dishonest, as long as the church benefits. Is that even a serious question? Raised in the rabbinical […]

Theme for Sunday, 15 September 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 4.11–12, 22–28; Psalm 14; 1 Timothy 1.12–17; Luke 15.1–10 The news seems to have a succession of examples of people who are lost and require the efforts of search and rescue teams.  One example is Amanda Eller, who went on what was to be a short hike on a familiar trail […]

Theme for Sunday, 8 September 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 18.1–11; Psalm 139.1–7; Philemon 1–21; Luke 14.25–33 The New Testament is full of examples of the ‘new things’ to be found in the ‘good news’ that Jesus brings.  But for many people whom he encountered at the time, and for many in succeeding generations, including today’s, new things are not necessarily […]

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