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Theme for Sunday, 27 August 2017

Scripture for Sunday: Exodus 1.8-2.10; Psalm 124; Romans 12.1-8; Matthew 16.13-20 (“Who do you say that I am?”) Not everyone is happy with the names bestowed upon them by their parents.  This is probably related to the way in which our names and identities become intertwined.  My paternal grandfather, given three forenames, elected to use the […]

Theme for Sunday, 20 August 2017

Scripture for this Sunday: Genesis 45.1-15 (Joseph & his brothers); Psalm 133; Romans 11.1-2a,29-32; Matthew 15.21-28 (Jesus and the Canaanite woman) In the past months, there have been various images showing people (often women) standing up to the threat of violence – images that show people brave enough not to stand down when confronted with power; images that […]

Theme for Sunday, 13 August 2017

Scripture for this Sunday: Genesis 37.1-4,12-28 (Joseph kidnapped by his brothers); Psalm 105.1-10; Romans 10.5-15; Matthew 14.22-33 (Jesus walks on water). The past week has not been short on fearful news (back to the 1960s? the 1860s?): nuclear weapons; white supremacists and counter demonstrations; images of hatred. It’s not just an American problem, although at the […]

Theme for Sunday, 6 August 2017

Scripture for Sunday: Genesis 32.22-31 (Jacob wrestles with God); Psalm 17.1-7,16; Romans 9.1-5; Matthew 14.13-21 (Jesus feeds five thousand) Some years ago, while I was a curate in California, I caused something of a stir in an article in the parish newsletter.  I wrote: There are many signs about that say, “God bless America.”  Well, God […]

Theme for Sunday, 30 July 2017

Scripture for Sunday: Genesis 29.15-28 (Jacob & Laban); Psalm 105.1-11; Romans 8.26-39; Matthew 13.31-33,44-52 (Parables of mustard seed, yeast, pearl, treasure and fishing). There’s a video floating around on the internet in which a judge in an American court gives a lenient sentence to a recent immigrant from Africa for speeding because of the honesty of […]

Theme for Sunday, 23 July 2017

Scripture for Sunday: Genesis 28.10-19a (Jacob’s ladder); Psalm 139.1-11, 22-23; Romans 8.12-25; Matthew 13.24-30, 36-43 (parable of weeds) Jesus told a lot of agricultural parables, and perhaps sometimes the meaning gets a little lost today.  One can imagine critics of today’s parable asking, “What kind of person could be bothered to go to the trouble of […]

Theme for Sunday, 16 July

Scripture for 16 July: Genesis 25:19-34; Psalm 119:105-112; Romans 8:1-11; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 The temperate rainforest in British Columbia is littered with the trunks and stumps of dead trees, but is also lush with new life.  It is an illustration of the way in which nature sows seeds: liberally, abundantly, profligately.  It contrasts markedly with the […]

Theme for Sunday, 9 July

Scripture for 9 July: Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67; Psalm 45:10-17; Romans 7:15-25a; Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 Anyone who has experienced a gifted child will understand that their point of reference for ability is not the same as for others.  It takes time for them to come to terms with the idea that their excellence is not the normal […]

Theme for last Sunday, 2 July

Scripture for Sunday, 2 July: Genesis 22.1-14; Psalm 13; Romans 6.12-23; Matthew 10.40-42 Can we learn from our children?  Do we sometimes discount their words because we know them too well – or think that we do?  What is it that familiarity breeds?  Having just returned from a holiday during which we spent time with our […]

Theme for the Week – 28 May 2017

Scripture for the seventh Sunday of Easter: Acts 1.6-14; Psalm 68.1-10, 33-36; 1 Peter 4.12-14; 5:6-11; John 17.1-11 This seventh Sunday of Easter is an in-between place, after Ascension and before Pentecost. If we put ourselves in the place of the first disciples, we find ourselves in a position of waiting, perhaps sharing in their duty […]

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