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Readings for September 2014

The scripture readings for Sunday and Wednesday worship during September: 3 September – Gregory the Great 2 Corinthians 4.5-12 Psalm 57.6-11 Matthew 25.1-13 7 September – 12th Sunday after Trinity Exodus 12.1–14 Psalm 149 Romans 13.8–14 Matthew 18.15–20 10 September 1 Corinthians 7.25–31 Psalm 45.11–17 Luke 6.20–26 14 September – 13th Sunday after Trinity Exodus […]

Jamie’s Baptism

Today’s baptism, of Jamie José, was the first at Santa Margarita for a couple of years. It was a very joyful occasion, with a church full of both English and Spanish people: Jamie’s mother is British and his father is Spanish, from Menorca. We did our best to conduct the important parts of the ceremony […]

Theme for the Week – 24 August 2014

Scripture for today: Exodus 1.8—2.10 Psalm 124 Romans 12.1–8 Matthew 16.13–20 “Who do you say that I am?” This is the question that Jesus directs to his followers. They must have been unnerved by the question. In the end, it is Peter, typically leaping in where others fear to tread, but this time with a […]

Five Ways to Make a Difference

Last week, a link to this article, in Christian Today, was posted on the church Twitter feed.  Not everyone saw the article, so it is reproduced here, with thanks to its author, Martin Saunders. Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help Published 13 August 2014  |   Martin Saunders A few weeks ago, […]

Theme for the Week – 17 August 2014

Scripture for today: Genesis 45.1–15 Psalm 133 Romans 11.1–2a, 29–32 Matthew 15.21–28 The scripture includes the conclusion of the story of Joseph – rather abbreviated, with just “book ends” of the story in our weekly lectionary. The relationship between Joseph and his brothers could have ended in hatred and revenge. It ends in reunion and […]

Here I Am

Today is the feast day of Saint Mary the Virgin, mother of Christ, in Greek Orthodox tradition theotokos, God-bearer. Two days ago, much of the Anglican Communion commemorated the life and work of Florence Nightingale. Although upheld as the pioneer of modern nursing, based upon her experience and work in the war-hospitals of the Crimean […]

Darkness of Despair Within the Soul

How do we pray for one who has taken their own life?  The church does not have a very kind record of dealing with suicide, classifying it as a sin, and burdening bereaved families with an extra layer of pain to go with the typical suffering of grief and the added layer of remorse.  Although as […]

Shaun the Sheep and Joseph

Shaun the sheep returned to Santa Margarita church on Sunday, 10 August. He had heard stories, passed down through many generations of the sheep-to-sheep communications network, that a flock of sheep had been tended by a group of brothers who had mistreated their younger brother. He wanted to know more about this story, and the […]


(This article is reproduced from the August issue of Roqueta, Menorca’s English language magazine.)  Recently, in the same week, I was privileged to meet two four-year-old girls, one called Grace and one called Clara, both of whom were visiting grandparents. Grace is at the stage of asking a lot of “Why?” questions. In fact, she seems […]

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