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D-Day 75th Anniversary

On 6 June 1944, after nearly 5 years of war, allied troops began the invasion of Normandy from sea and air. By the end of the day approximately 156,000 troops were established in Normandy. There were many casualties and deaths on both sides and amongst civilians. This marks a time to offer prayerful thanksgiving for […]

A Benediction

Rachel Held Evans was an American Christian writer who died unexpectedly earlier this year. This benediction captures the sense of her prophetic witness, willing to tell the truth to and about power, especially within the Christian community, and the challenge of Christian faith to serve, nurture and nourish all who come in need. The Benediction […]

Readings & Hymns for June 2019

These are the readings and hymns for the major Eucharistic services (Sunday, Wednesday) during June. 2 June – Easter 7 Acts 16.16–34; Psalm 97; Revelation 22.12–14,16, 17, 20-21; John 17.20-26 Hymns: 795 The Kingdom Is Upon You – tune Wolvercote 769 Rejoice! The Lord Is King – tune Gopsal 732 My Jesus, My Saviour – […]

Healing and Prayer in the Church

Originally published in the May 2019 edition of Roqueta, Menorca’s English language magazine. Every Friday in the church of Santa Margarita there is a worship service of healing prayer with Holy Communion.  When I came to Menorca there were perhaps three or four regular worshippers supplemented by occasional visitors.  Nowadays the regulars have dwindled to […]

Theme for Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019

Scripture for Easter Sunday: Isaiah 65.17–23; Psalm 118.1–2, 14–24; Acts 10.34–43; John 20.1–18 The gospel of John opens with the contrast between light and darkness and proceeds with a gathering gloom that threatens the light which Christ brings into the world.  The darkness gathers as Judas prepares to turn from the way of Jesus to pursue […]

Theme for Palm Sunday, 14 April 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Palms: Luke 19.28–40; Psalm 118.1–2,19–24 Passion: Isaiah 50.4–9a; Psalm 31.9–16; Philippians 2.5–11; Luke 22.14-23.56 Palm Sunday, when we first process with palms to re-enact the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and then find ourselves abruptly immersed in the reading of the Passion narrative, has traditionally been in many churches an occasion […]

Theme for Sunday, 7 April 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Isaiah 43.16–21; Psalm 126; Philippians 3.4b–14; John 12.1–8 It is often instructive and enlightening to put ourselves in the place of the different characters in biblical situations.  This week, we have Martha, Mary, Judas and Jesus and other disciples at a nice little dinner party to celebrate the restoration of life to […]

Theme for Sunday, 31 March 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Exodus 2.1-10; Psalm 127; Colossians 3.12-17; John 19.25b-27 We did something unusual on Mothering Sunday: we took a significant part of our worship to celebrate the life of a recently deceased lady who had been a devoted member of Santa Margarita, and we did so in the context of Mothering Sunday.   […]

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