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Santa Margarita – Young Families in Church – 2018

JaFfA (Jesus a Friend for All) Club JaFfA, a family time, on a monthly basis, lasting for two hours, started in January 2013 – with one family; there are now 12.  Attendance can be complicated – juggling work commitments for the parents and sports activities for the children; yet families have continued to loyally support us since […]

Carrots & Creation

This article has been published in the Spring 2019 issue of Roqueta, Menorca’s English-language magazine.  What do we buy when, for example, we purchase carrots in a shop? We buy more than just the obvious vegetable. We also buy expertise and experience. Someone has to have the ability to know when and how to plant […]

Theme for Lent 2, Sunday, 17 March 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Genesis 15.1–12, 17–18; Psalm 27; Philippians 3.17—4.1; Luke 13.31–35 Why did Jesus attract such hostility from powerful leaders? Why would a powerful ruler within the stable structure of the military Roman empire want to eradicate an itinerant rabbi from the back end of Galilean Palestine? As we journey through Lent, in […]

Theme for Lent 1, Sunday 10 March 2019

Scripture for the first Sunday of Lent: Deuteronomy 26.1-11; Psalm 91.1-2, 9-16; Romans 10.8b-13; Luke 4.1-13 Temptation. This features prominently in the first Sunday in Lent. It conjures up echoes of that line from the Lord’s prayer: ‘lead us not into temptation.’ This is an English translation of a Greek record of an Aramaic-speaking Jew […]

Theme for Sunday, 3 March 2019

Scripture for the last Sunday after Epiphany (the Sunday before Lent): Exodus 34.29-35 (Moses’ face transformed after speaking to God); Psalm 99; 2 Corinthians 3.12-4.2; Luke 9.28-36 (transfiguration of Jesus). One of the thoughts arising from this year’s World Day of Prayer is that God, through Christ, offers us invitations that we all too easily […]

Theme for Sunday, 24 February 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Genesis 2.4b-9, 15-24 (the second version of the creation story); Psalm 65; Revelation 4; Luke 8.22-25 (Jesus calms a storm). Whenever the gospel reading about Jesus in the boat in a storm arises, I’m reminded of a lady whom I knew in Canada. Her husband had been a merchant navy captain, […]

Readings for March 2019

Readings and hymns for the services of Holy Communion on Sundays and Wednesdays during March. 3 March Exodus 34.29-35; Psalm 99; 2 Corinthians 3.12-4.2; Luke 9.28-36 Hymns: 676 Immortal, Invisible 279 Jesus On The Mountain Peak 281 ‘Tis Good, Lord, To Be Here 719 Lord, The Light Of Your Love Is Shining 6 March – […]

Theme for Sunday, 17 February 2019

Scripture for this Sunday: Jeremiah 17.5-10; Psalm 1; 1 Corinthians 15.12-20; Luke 6.17-26 (beatitudes and woes) It’s about 50 years since Paul Simon wrote a song called ‘The Boxer.’ It includes the line: “All lies and jests; still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest,” words that are even more […]

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